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Did Israel Kill JFK? -- Not Exactly Dov Ivry

Did Israel Kill JFK? -- Not Exactly

Dov Ivry

Kindle Edition
396 pages
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 About the Book 

The book begins as follows.In 2004 anti-Semites, who had always claimed almost in a kneejerk fashion that Israel killed John F. Kennedy, the US president in Dallas Nov. 22, 1963, jumped on an incredibly stupid decision of a Canadian government agency and proclaimed, that proves it, Israel did it.There is a very long list of suspects as to who killed Kennedy but Israel has always ranked somewhere after space aliens at the bottom.There are probably a billion anti-Semites in the world and the number who would swallow a claim that Israel killed JFK without further reflection possibly runs in the hundreds of millions. This would roughly be the crowd that denies that the Holocaust occurred. The only way to respond to such people is not only to lay out the facts, and on this subject facts are next to impossible to come by, but also to put their allegation into perspective. That was my original thought and therefore my purpose for writing this book was simply to produce a definitive explanation as to why Israel was not involved in the assassination in any way, shape, or form. The motive anti-Semites cited for Israel’s initiative from the get-go, was that JFK was trying to block Israel’s attaining the nuclear bomb and hence he had to be removed.Everyone has a theory of whodunit. The leftists blame the rightists. The rightists blame the leftists. Some blame Castro. Some blame Castro foes. Some blame the CIA. Some blame the FBI. Some blame the mob. Some blame oil tycoons. Some blame LBJ. Some blame rogue elements associated with all of the above. Me and the KGB pointed to a spiteful woman -- mine was just a hunch in the flush of the first moment. But if you took a vote at the United Nations as to who killed JFK, the vote would go 187 to 2 with 3 abstentions that Israel did it. That’s the way all the votes go there and it doesn’t matter what the subject is. The UN reflects the world we live in. The two votes against would be cast by Israel and its only friend in the world, Micronesia. The three abstentions would be Canada, the Czech Republic, and the US and with Obama there, you can’t even be sure of the US. Having one friend in Micronesia is a vast improvement over having none which has been the case since we signed a blood brother pact with our last friend, Sparta, way back when. The chatter at the UN has no more importance than the chatter of the monkeys at the Bronx Zoo. The two institutions are similar in one significant way: one eats bananas and one is bananas. You decide which is which. No one in Israel pays the least attention to the UN and won’t until they vote funds for reopening the gas chambers. The bottom line is that far more people on the globe believe that Israel did it than all the other suspects combined.As with everything else in this saga, nothing is what it seems. I’m a career journalist, now retired, and, without being sworn I’ve always believed, and acted on that belief, that it was a journalist’s obligation to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Here is my conclusion. Israel was not involved in the assassination, not directly nor through any surrogates nor through any hired agents. Having said that, this book is now about how Israel was involved. How can Israel be involved and not be involved at the same time? How can Lee Harvey Oswald, the guy they framed for the killing, be attending junior high school simultaneously in New Orleans and Fort Worth, Tex? That’s not a question, that’s the answer with a question mark.