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Riddle of the Seven Realms (Magics, #3) Lyndon Hardy

Riddle of the Seven Realms (Magics, #3)

Lyndon Hardy

Published 1988
403 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The worst of the mess they were in, Kestrel knew, was that it was all his own fault. It all began when hed tried to cheat the lady Wizard Phoebe with a load of worthless wood. When she insisted on testing his anvilwood sample, the demon Astron had burst through the fire with some wild tale of a mission to the archmage to save his master from a dread enemy. Then Kestrel had decided, with Astrons naive help, to bilk the other wizards of their gold. So they were pursued by eleven raging wizards and uncounted imps.Drifting across the border in a lead balloon brought them to the archmage Alodar. But instead of calling off the pursuit, he had sent them into the perilous realm of the fey. And now they were being shuttled madly across universe after universe, each more dangerous than the last. It wasnt fair, Kestrel thought, even if it was his fault!